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Let us analyze historical data to prove the existence of Chinese feng shui numerology and its accuracy. Since 2004, I published on the Internet(Chinese Websites) a lot about feng shui and natural disasters, feng shui and finance related to accurate prediction.

Now I will list some of my articles and I have translated them into English, as some of Chinese interpretation of Feng Shui may not be fully translated into English, if there are grammatical errors please forgive me for my poor English.

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From now until the beginning of the financial turmoil(2017) I want to remind you:"stay away from the stock market, reduce investment(real estate) and hold cash".

2017 Year of Fire Rooster Forecast

First of all, I wish you a happy Chinese New Year! As always, on the first day of each Chinese New year I will publish a full year forecast. First review last year's forecast: as we expected, gold and oil did not rise sharply. Trump and Republicans triumphed in the election. Europe has paid a heavy price for its refugee policy…..

Now, let's predict what will happen in the 2017 year of Fire Rooster. Do you have a certain understanding of the Chinese food? Fire Rooster: is the name of the roast chicken, so this year a lot of people investment will be the same as the roast chicken become someone else's lunch. If you read my article 10 years ago(2006), you will find that I was also constantly remind everyone to be careful! Because I was predicted that the financial stock market and real estate will fall. The result was a lot of people thought I was crazy, the fact that I am not crazy.

First, let's take a look at the economy: the Dow has risen above 20,000, but I'm not happy because it's mirage. Every time before the stock market about to crash, (it) the stock market will continue to rise. As I reminded people in 2006, the stock market did not fall until mid-2007, when it started to crash. A lot of people will lose everything, no way to withdraw in time. This financial turmoil may happen between Mid-2017 to early 2018.

Now we talk about European economy. 2015 Middle East war produced numerous refugees, Europe has received a large number of these refugees is their biggest mistake. The next two years Europe will pay dearly for their decision, because those refugees living - Medical - spending residence there looking for work and other aspects will be enormous. At the same time these refugees will increased crime rate, plus a small number of people (refugees) will became terrorist and create terrorist attacks will undermine economic stability. Will make the European economy a fatal blow, especially some individual countries accepted large number refugees. Also European countries have to face the global financial crisis. The end result will be the most European people exclusion of refugees and xenophobic anti-immigrant. Solution to the refugee crisis should start from their roots, only stop the war can stop generating refugees.

Every financial turmoil in the world will lose (evaporate) $ 30 trillion US dollars assets, this year 2017 the financial turmoil I predicted global financial markets and real estate will evaporate $ 50 trillion of assets. This means that the financial turmoil this year will be more than the previous level of damage to the financial turmoil increased by about 70%, the Dow Jones index may fell to 6,000 points. Many people thinking I am crazy again....

Now let's talk about gold and oil: oil prices have recently been slow recovery, but this doesn't mean will have a big rise. Because if global demand for oil would decline when the global financial crisis occurs, oil producers would lower oil prices in order to keep their income because they would need to sell more oil to keep their incomes. Gold has no past glory, even if the financial turmoil, increase is still limited.

Some European countries have finally come to understand the refugee policy and open borders will give them a very serious impact, the increase in terrorist attacks will make the EU countries shut the door. The German and France won't able to keep EU united, the EU will eventually disintegrate, I have prophecy this a long time ago.

Now, let's talk about President Trump. Some people have asked me if I am a supporter of Trump? I can now tell you, "I'm not." I chose Trump not because I agree with his policy, because the incompetence of the Democratic Party choose lying and selfishness Hillary. And I will only vote for the one will win. I think if you have to pay attention to my article you will be very clear to see for more than 20 years the US presidential election and Taiwan exactly the same. Taiwan’s election produced Taiwan’s first female president, and the same seven months she was in power, Taiwan was in a mess. The economy, the people's livelihood, the society are not as good and often have protests. This is the future we will have to face the United States. The fate of US President Trump will be exactly the same as Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen, so the next few months you will see more and more protest against Trump's voice.

2017 will NOT be a year of peace and the world will become increasingly chaotic. Financial turmoil will happen. If you do not want to lose money, now is time awakening. The global debt and corporate debt crisis will make the financial bubble bigger and bigger. Trump's trade war will only make everything prices go up, the people are destitute and protests continue to directly affect his presidential career. In 2017, try to hold cash to wait and see, do not get involved in this whirlpool.

May Heaven bless everyone!

Mr.Johnny Cheng
20 years of Feng Shui and Numerology Research
January 28, 2017

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